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Dare To Dream Different video presentation has been submitted

I have just succeeded in uploading my video presentation of my project for the Microsoft competition :-)

I was just about to believe that I had problems as in the initial papers about the videofile formats it was stated that we could only submit files less than 50MB! I could not get my video file this small and still keep a good quality of the video.

Then I just tried to log in to the upload site, and luckily they had changed the max. filesize to 100MB. OK, I had to try the upload two times, as after 15 minutes of upload, I was notified of an error in one of the text fields on the submission form. I corrected the error and as I didn't know if my first upload was successful, I had to try again. Now 15 minutes later again, I was forwarded to the "success" screen (You can see it here: http://dreamdifferentcontest.com/thanks.aspx )

Now it is time to get some sleep...

By the way - my project is titled "House Access Control System" and is as the title states an access control system but it also has a really nice enhanced personal doorbell functionality, playing MP3 tunes.

This was great fun, now I just wait and see if I make it to the final.


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