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Dare To Dream Different contest - Round 2


I have been selected to move on to round 2 in the Dare To Dream Different Challenge. I didn't believe my eyes when I saw my name on the wall of selected participants. I'm in the hobbyist category.
This is great and I'm looking very much forward to receive some hardware to test on.

Oh boy - now I actually have to produce a prototype and a presentation video of my submitted design proposal.

Although working with the emulator is not bad, there is nothing as the real stuff - hardware with buttons, display and I/O ports. So I can hardly wait to get my hands on it.

Until the development board arrives I have started collecting other hardware that I am going to use in my design. When I made my submission to the contest I did not really have any idea of what parts I was going to use or where to get it from. New ideas about the design comes up every day so I am still in the discovery phase and I have not landed on a final design yet - only on a building block level. This is almost like making a new jig saw puzzle; Right now I have about 5-6 pieces making up the complete picture and in the coming days and weeks I will cut each of the big pieces into smaller ones. I just hope that I don't end up with a puzzle in 1000 pieces and no time to put it all together!

Anyway, I have managed to collect most of the critical hardware parts I'm going to use, so this is really great. Now I just have to agree with myself on how the software is going to work and let myself dream up some nice innovative features.

Let the fun begin!




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