Dare To Dream Video List

This page contains a compilation of the competition video entries that I have found on the net. If you are a contestant and have a link to your video, you are welcome to mail me and I will add your entry to the list.

Peter F. Jørgensen HACS - House Access Control System with fun doorbell
Valter Minute SvegliONE
Elze Kool DreamQuest
Richard Ian Lee, Sr. Mutt Wrangler, Invisible Dog Fence Zone Controller
David Vescovi Advanced R/C Controller
James Y. Wilson MyVue, Sensory Augmentation and the Wearable Camera
Paul Tingey Mighty Digger, Remote controlled robot
Jean-Michel GuemGuem and Tegiko Team Energio Tracer, Monitor Power Consumption
Shavi Nachman GRASS, Garden Reconnaissance And Surveillance System
Cupido & Software Architects Mr. X: A game based on RFID and .NET Micro Framework
Aby Mammen Mathew Walking Stick.
Jens Kühner Rich Media Extensions for the .NET Micro Framework.

I wish everyone the best of luck in the competition.