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Happy 1 Year Birthday to microframework.dk

Today (31th December 2009) it is exactly 1 year ago I registered the domain name microframework.dk

The reason why I did that was to have a place to blog about the world of my .NET MicroFramework discoverings especially in relation to the Microsoft Dare to Dream Different contest, which I at that time hoped to be part of. Luckily my entry was accepted as one to move on to round 2, but that was as far as it went. I had a great time developing my project (HACS - House Access Control System with fun doorbell, which you can read about in another article).

Time has shown that I did not find all the time to blog as much as I wanted to do, so I have not released as many articles as I had hoped. But that does not mean that I have not been working with the .NET MicroFramework!

In order to let you see some of what I have been doing (and maybe what will come) I will today on the last day of the year, release 2 videos illustrating that the MF can really control motors. One video shows the control of a Stepper Motor and the other video shows the control of 2 Servo Motors. For now the articles are meant as a teaser, so stay tuned to see more.

Happy Birthday to microframework.dk and Happy New Year to everyone else



Dare To Dream Different - Competition exit...

My project: HACS - House Access Control System with fun doorbell, didn't make it to the final in the Microsoft Dare To Dream Different competition :-(

But hey - I'm a winner anyway :-). I did get a Device Solutions Tahoo-II development board for free - that is, if I don't count all the hours spent into developing this project. I learned a lot about the Micro Framework for embedded programming in C# directly on hardware,  and this is where the potential is and the real fun lies.

Furthermore, GHI Electronics LLC, who makes a lot of nice Micro Framework products, decided to donate a 100 USD coupon for shopping in their webshop to all round 2 contestants in the competition - this is really generous of them - and I can now claim my coupon and go shopping in the GHI shop. Wow, I'm not sure if I can limit my shopping to these 100 USD. They have so many nice boards that I think I have to spend some more money... Time will tell. Their new ChipworkX development system looks like a killer, but also the USBizi and the Embedded master boards are very attractive. A big thanks to GHI for this donation.

Round 2 Finalists

I must congratulate the authors of the 10 projects which made it to the finals :-).I'm really looking forward to see the videos of these projects. I hope that Microsoft will make all the project videos publicly available, as they have promised earlier. It is always very educational to see what other people create and how they choose to implement it.



Getting started...

My intention with this blog site is to write about hardware and software that is related to the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework.

Making electronics and electromechanical devices come alive because of the software you write is an amazing thing. I just love it!

I hope you will have fun here and will be able to find some useful stuff - if not now then later...