HACS - House Access Control System with fun doorbell

19. May 2009 21:15 | Peter F. Jørgensen
This is the video presentation I submitted for round 2 of the Microsoft "Dare To Dream Different" competition. The main functions of the system are: Guard dog barks when guests arrive at the door. Activated by movement detected by a PIR sensor. Doorbell playing differ... [More]

I have lost connection to my Tahoe-II board!

1. February 2009 12:47 | Peter F. Jørgensen
Oh no. This is not true. After only a week I have lost the communication to my Tahoe-II board :-( While I was doing some testing with a simple program toggling a few output ports, VS2008 suddenly reported that it could not see the device anymore. My testprogram was running along fine though.... [More]


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Dare To Dream Different hardware arrived today

23. January 2009 23:22 | Peter F. Jørgensen
Yihaa, today I received a package with the MF development board and other stuff. The package contains the Tahoo-II development board from Device Solutions, a USB cable, 2 XBee 802.15.4 radio modules from Maxstream and an XBee development board so that one of the radio modules can be connecte... [More]