Dare To Dream Different Contest Videos released on YouTube

2. September 2009 17:42 | Peter F. Jørgensen
Hey! If you have been waiting to see the videos of the projects submitted to the Microsoft Dare To Dream Different Contest, then wait no more. The .NET Micro Framework Team at Microsoft has now released all the submitted contest videos on YouTube. I have not yet counted the number of videos,... [More]

Dare to Dream Different Contest Winners!!

2. September 2009 17:22 | Peter F. Jørgensen
Tuesday, August 25, the Dare To Dream Contest winners was published on the NETMF Team Blog. Congratulations to the finalists and the winners. I'm looking forward to see your project videos. Peter

Dare To Dream Different competition exit

17. August 2009 22:21 | Peter F. Jørgensen
My project: HACS - House Access Control System with fun doorbell, didn't make it to the final in the Microsoft Dare To Dream Different competition :-( But hey - I'm a winner anyway :-). I did get a Device Solutions Tahoo-II development board for free - that is, if I don'... [More]

Dare To Dream Video List

26. May 2009 22:36 | Peter F. Jørgensen
I have made a list of links to the Dare To Dream Different competition videos people have made public on the net. You can find it in my page list or click here. If you are a competitor in this competition and have a video of your project, you are welcome to write me where I can find your vid... [More]

HACS - House Access Control System with fun doorbell

19. May 2009 21:15 | Peter F. Jørgensen
This is the video presentation I submitted for round 2 of the Microsoft "Dare To Dream Different" competition. The main functions of the system are: Guard dog barks when guests arrive at the door. Activated by movement detected by a PIR sensor. Doorbell playing differ... [More]

Dare To Dream Different video presentation has been submitted

14. May 2009 02:28 | Peter F. Jørgensen
I have just succeeded in uploading my video presentation of my project for the Microsoft competition :-) I was just about to believe that I had problems as in the initial papers about the videofile formats it was stated that we could only submit files less than 50MB! I could not get my video... [More]

Dare To Dream status - looking good.

16. March 2009 21:02 | Peter F. Jørgensen
My "DareTo Dream Different" project progresses according to my plan and it looks not bad, if I may say so myself. I have a working prototype, where I have tested most of my ideas to be part of the prototype. I now know that my original idea can be build. I have taken ... [More]

Dare To Dream Different hardware arrived today

23. January 2009 23:22 | Peter F. Jørgensen
Yihaa, today I received a package with the MF development board and other stuff. The package contains the Tahoo-II development board from Device Solutions, a USB cable, 2 XBee 802.15.4 radio modules from Maxstream and an XBee development board so that one of the radio modules can be connecte... [More]

Dare To Dream Different contest - Round 2

8. January 2009 21:56 | Peter F. Jørgensen
Wow! I have been selected to move on to round 2 in the Dare To Dream Different Challenge. I didn't believe my eyes when I saw my name on the wall of selected participants. I'm in the hobbyist category. This is great and I'm looking very much forward to receive some hardware to test o... [More]

Dare To Dream Different contest - Round 1

3. January 2009 22:16 | Peter F. Jørgensen
Have you heard about the  .NET Micro Framework "Dare To Dream Different" competition? - Of course you have... (Me too). To get started I just had to come up with a great idea for a design to be built with the Micro Framework and Microsoft will give me the necessary hardware to... [More]