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Dare To Dream Different contest - Round 1

Have you heard about the  .NET Micro Framework "Dare To Dream Different" competition? - Of course you have... (Me too).

To get started I just had to come up with a great idea for a design to be built with the Micro Framework and Microsoft will give me the necessary hardware to get started (That is if I am selected to go on to round 2). OK, this chance will propably not come again for a very long time, so think, think...

What kind of design should I come up with??? 

I had been circling around this competition for weeks but could not come up with a good design idea. I could see that the deadline came closer and closer, so I had to come up with something and my mind was all blank. This was a chance to get some real hardware to play with and maybe even win some of the other prices in the competition.

 The last week before the deadline (December 15th), I managed to brainstorm a list of 14 different designs that I thought could be fun to make. After looking at them for a few days I decided on 3 different contest proposals and submitted these to be part of the "Dare To Dream Different" competition only in the last minutes before the deadline - whew!

Now I just wait until January the 15th, where all the submitted design proposals are judged in or out of the competition.



Getting started...

My intention with this blog site is to write about hardware and software that is related to the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework.

Making electronics and electromechanical devices come alive because of the software you write is an amazing thing. I just love it!

I hope you will have fun here and will be able to find some useful stuff - if not now then later...