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Dare To Dream Different - status looking good.

My "DareTo Dream Different" project progresses according to my plan and it looks not bad, if I may say so myself. I have a working prototype, where I have tested most of my ideas to be part of the prototype. I now know that my original idea can be build.

I have taken a few pictures which shows some of the additional hardware I'm using in my project. It is all going to be connected to my Tahoe-II development board. If you don't recognize the parts, then I can tell you that you can see a PIR movement sensor (detects infrared waves), an MP3 player module with a USB memory stick (which holds the MP3 files) and last there is a small construction of some electronics components. I'm not sure you can see that it is a loudspeaker in the background.

These are not all of the parts for my prototype, but now you can start guessing on what it is going to be. You should not be able to guess it only from seeing these pictures. More pictures will follow later. Also I expect to write some articles about how to use each of the components together with the Micro Framework and interfacing it to a MF development board. Consider the blog you are reading now as a teaser for later posts.

As you may know, Microsoft decided to extend the deadline for when we have to be finished with the prototype. Originally it should have been finished at the end of March, but because of some problems delivering the MF development boards to all participants, we have been granted some extra time. Now I have until May 15th to finalize my prototype and a video showing the result. As I work best when I have a tight deadline this extended deadline made me almost come to a complete stop working on my prototype. As I think that I have plenty of time, I have also had time to play around with some other cool stuff. Maybe I will even find time to write some more blog articles.


PS: I still loose the USB connection to my Tahoe-II board from time to time, but now I know that I "just" have to reboot my PC (I hate it). This seems to be related to a not too good USB device driver, which has more then once given me a "Blue screen of death" on my Windows Vista PC. I'd wish we could get a more stable device driver.