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I have lost connection to my Tahoe-II board!

Oh no. This is not true. After only a week I have lost the communication to my Tahoe-II board :-(

While I was doing some testing with a simple program toggling a few output ports, VS2008 suddenly reported that it could not see the device anymore. My testprogram was running along fine though. I have seen from time to time that VS does not deploy successfully in first attempt, but then I just try again, which normally succeeds.

This time I unplugged the USB cable and reconnected - Argh: Windows tells me that the USB device is not recognized. Reboot the PC didn't help. Reinstall the USB driver and the SDK didn't help. I moved the board to another PC (Windows XP), but that gives the same result.

Now I have filed the issue to Device Solutions and a newsgroup for help and just hope for the best.

My "Dare to Dream Different" future is at stake.


UPDATE Problem solved: Jan Kučera has saved my future. Newgroups are your friend.

Jan writes:
"Be careful of your debug mode setting. First try to switch to USB, which you can do be holding SW3 while pressing RESET. This is too how you could change it by accident (SW2 selects serial, SW4 selects Ethernet).

The current recovery firmware does not affect this setting, so it won't help you if this is the problem."

I pressed SW3 and RESET - Eureka I'm back in contact! - Thanks Jan.