Tetris for Tahoe-II board

30. January 2009 20:53 | Peter F. Jørgensen
Pavel Bánský made this great game and demo application for the Tahoe classic (Tahoe I) development board last year. Since then a new version of the development board from Device Solutions has come out and they switched the screen from portrait to landscape mode. They also made ... [More]


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Maxstream XBee RF module documentation

29. January 2009 21:49 | Peter F. Jørgensen
I have digged out the specifications for the Maxstream XBee RF modules, which I received as part of the "Dare To Dream Different" competition package. Please note that there is also a Zigbee variant of these modules. The ones I received are 802.15.4 versions. I'm not curre... [More]

New Micro Framework development kit from AUG Elektronik Gmbh

29. January 2009 16:39 | Peter F. Jørgensen
AUG Elektronik Gmbh, from Austria is in the process of making a new Micro Framework based development board. According to the specifications, it looks like a real killer! Plenty of memory and an OLED Display in a nice high resolution. Andreas Schloffer from AUG, informs me that the capacitiv... [More]


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Dare To Dream Different hardware arrived today

23. January 2009 23:22 | Peter F. Jørgensen
Yihaa, today I received a package with the MF development board and other stuff. The package contains the Tahoo-II development board from Device Solutions, a USB cable, 2 XBee 802.15.4 radio modules from Maxstream and an XBee development board so that one of the radio modules can be connecte... [More]

Dare To Dream Different contest - Round 2

8. January 2009 21:56 | Peter F. Jørgensen
Wow! I have been selected to move on to round 2 in the Dare To Dream Different Challenge. I didn't believe my eyes when I saw my name on the wall of selected participants. I'm in the hobbyist category. This is great and I'm looking very much forward to receive some hardware to test o... [More]

Dare To Dream Different contest - Round 1

3. January 2009 22:16 | Peter F. Jørgensen
Have you heard about the  .NET Micro Framework "Dare To Dream Different" competition? - Of course you have... (Me too). To get started I just had to come up with a great idea for a design to be built with the Micro Framework and Microsoft will give me the necessary hardware to... [More]