Tech-Ed Europe 2010, I'll be there...

7. November 2010 15:30 | Peter F. Jørgensen
I will be attending the Microsoft Tech-Ed 2010 Europe conference in Berlin. If you are there too and is interested in meeting with me, please send me an email and let me know your contact details. I'll get back to you during the week, when I see your email.   ... [More]


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Netduino development board - It is great!

7. November 2010 13:48 | Peter F. Jørgensen
Just in case you haven't already seen it, there is a number of new .NET MicroFramework 4.1 devices in town, 3 to be exact, - the "Netduino". The company Secret Labs have made these nice boards of which 2 are Arduino hardware compatible (it can use many of the same "Ar... [More]


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How to control Servo Motors with .NET MicroFramework

31. December 2009 16:00 | Peter F. Jørgensen
This post illustrates how you can control Servo Motors from .NET MicroFramework using only simple output pins and C# code. I have this idea of making a walking robot, so in order to test the basic servo control from .NET MicroFramework, I have used 2 servo motors and built a leg. E... [More]

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How to control a Stepper Motor with .NET MicroFramework

31. December 2009 15:45 | Peter F. Jørgensen
This post illustrates how you can control a unipolar stepper motor from .NET MicroFramework using very simple hardware. The motor which I have scavenged from an old 5 1/4" floppy disk drive (do you remember those?) is controlled by a dedicated Stepper Motor control class written in C#. ... [More]

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Happy 1 Year Birthday to

31. December 2009 14:14 | Peter F. Jørgensen
Today (31th December 2009) it is exactly 1 year ago I registered the domain name The reason why I did that was to have a place to blog about the world of my .NET MicroFramework discoverings especially in relation to the Microsoft Dare to Dream Different contest, which ... [More]


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Dare To Dream Different Contest Videos released on YouTube

2. September 2009 17:42 | Peter F. Jørgensen
Hey! If you have been waiting to see the videos of the projects submitted to the Microsoft Dare To Dream Different Contest, then wait no more. The .NET Micro Framework Team at Microsoft has now released all the submitted contest videos on YouTube. I have not yet counted the number of videos,... [More]

Dare to Dream Different Contest Winners!!

2. September 2009 17:22 | Peter F. Jørgensen
Tuesday, August 25, the Dare To Dream Contest winners was published on the NETMF Team Blog. Congratulations to the finalists and the winners. I'm looking forward to see your project videos. Peter

A few words about my blog

31. August 2009 23:43 | Peter F. Jørgensen
I regularly receive a number of comments, questions and requests for my blog, and instead of answering each of them one at a time I will try to cover some of the recurring issues you ask or comment. When you comment Some comments are regular SPAM and I try to keep that out of the system, bu... [More]


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Dare To Dream Different competition exit

17. August 2009 22:21 | Peter F. Jørgensen
My project: HACS - House Access Control System with fun doorbell, didn't make it to the final in the Microsoft Dare To Dream Different competition :-( But hey - I'm a winner anyway :-). I did get a Device Solutions Tahoo-II development board for free - that is, if I don'... [More]

Dare To Dream Video List

26. May 2009 22:36 | Peter F. Jørgensen
I have made a list of links to the Dare To Dream Different competition videos people have made public on the net. You can find it in my page list or click here. If you are a competitor in this competition and have a video of your project, you are welcome to write me where I can find your vid... [More]