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Happy 1 Year Birthday to microframework.dk

Today (31th December 2009) it is exactly 1 year ago I registered the domain name microframework.dk The reason why I did that was to have a place to blog about the world of my .NET MicroFramework discoverings especially in relation to the Microsoft Dare to Dream Different contest, which I at that time hoped to be part of. Luckily my entry was accepted as one to move on to round 2, but that was as far as it went. I had a great time developing my project (HACS - House Access Control System with fun doorbell, which you can read about in another article). Time has shown that I did not find all the time to blog as much as I wanted to do, so I have not released as many articles as I had hoped. But that does not mean that I have not been working with the .NET MicroFramework! In order to let you see some of what I have been doing (and maybe what will come) I will today on the last day of the year, release 2 videos illustrating that the MF can really control motors. O... [More]

HACS - House Access Control System with fun doorbell

This is the video presentation I submitted for round 2 of the Microsoft "Dare To Dream Different" competition. The main functions of the system are: Guard dog barks when guests arrive at the door. Activated by movement detected by a PIR sensor. Doorbell playing different individual tunes, stored as MP3 files on USB memory stick. Using VMUSIC2 MP3 player module. Door access control with electronic door lock and door open/close sensor. Door access can be controlled remote by sending SMS to the system from a mobile phone. Using a GSM modem. Door alarms are sent as SMS to predefined mobile phone number. Guest can write a SMS message which is sent to a predefined mobile phone number. Unfortunately some parts of the video is a little dark, but I hope that you can see it anyway. As the length of the video for the competition could not be more than 10 minutes, I ran out of time to show all features in the sys... [More]